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Frequently asked questions

Do I need public IP and how to configure it?

You do not need public IP, the devices and whole system working even you if have private IP. There is no need to configure it especially. Only what is necessary it connect the device to Wi-fi or LAN with access to internet. Then in device configuration allows to contact remote server (enable by default).

How I can add the devices?

You need to know the serial number of the device. Then just add the device in “Device list” menu. The same way you can delete the device from the list.

Device serial number is not valid?

Please check, that your device is connected to internet and you have allowed on the device sending data to external server. If this will not help, check the firewall on your router.

How many devices can I have?

Number of devices is not limited.

How long back the history data are stored?

Minimal 12 month, depends on type of the device, it could be longer. After this period are data delete from the server. Once the data are deleted, it can not be restored.

What is the cost for this Home Technologies Database Portal services?

The price is symbolic. from 0.1 CZK per day. For more information, please visit our website Vouchers.

Where I can contact the technical support?

Please use our form located on “Contact” page.